Thirty, Wrinkles, and Botox??

Not to throw myself under the bus, but in some ways, I consider myself to be a somewhat vain person.  I appreciate a fit body, a pretty face, or a fashionable outfit.  While beauty certainly isn’t everything, taking care of oneself is a sign of how much you love and appreciate yourself and your future (or current) spouse who has to look at you every day for the rest of his or her life.  I mean it when I say I’m committed to looking and feeling great well into my 30’s.  But where does one draw the line?

This month, I have had not one, but TWO doctors recommend Botox to me to correct some lines in my forehead.  Granted they both have medical spas attached to their business and probably want to make a buck, but they both recommended the same thing nonetheless.  I’ve not been unaware that the lines are there either.  In fact, I’ve been pretty self conscious about it for a while.  I’ve been applying anti-aging creams since I was 18 and even tried wearing Frownies at night (a bizzare sticker like attachment that holds your skin tight at night).  The boyfriend’s grandfather even asked me once if I’d been hit with an ax in the middle of my head.  Joking, of course.  So funny I forgot to laugh.
Here you can see that pesky little thing. 

Anyway, despite my desire to remain looking young, I do accept the fact that to a degree, I will age.  I am ok with that.  I will fight what I can with creams, makeup, and exercise, but do I reallllllly want to stick needles in my face?  There’s a difference between not letting yourself go and ending up with a face like Heidi Montag or Mama Elsa.  No thanks.  I’ll pass.

Sadly, if it were that easy, I wouldn’t be writing about it.  I’ve been told it could last at least a year or even make the wrinkle disappear permanently if I deal with it before it gets any worse.  Can it be that easy?  Is Botox just 2013’s version of eyeliner or concealer?  

I can absolutely assure you, I will not be running out at Botoxing myself anytime soon.  I surely can’t afford it on my teacher’s salary right now.  However, I’ll never say never.  Has anyone out there had Botox done around my age? I’d love to hear any advice or experiences! 

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