Act Like a Kid Again at the Zoo!

With summer winding down, the bf and I took advantage of one of our last days together before school starts.  My house may be a mess and I may have laundry that needs washing, but I don’t care.  I know these moments are rare and fleeting and I don’t want to miss a chance to cross something off the summer bucket list while I still can.  Not to mention, the weather was gorgeous.  So, we took a trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and had a blast scoping out all the animals.  I may have actually been more excited than most of the kids that were there. 
Advantages of being 5 feet tall - using the lilly pads without fear of breaking them...

and fitting into the turtle shell!

First, we saw Rise & Conquer, the official mascots of the Baltimore Ravens.  This was really exciting, especially if you’ve seen them flying around the stadium on game days, to know that we were up close with the real birds and seeing where they live every other day of the year.  

Most of the animals were lazy, especially the polar bears who I suspect were dreaming of colder weather.  

Can you find the rhinos?  They look like rocks, but they are mammals :)

Some were pacing hurriedly around their cages, like the cheetah, who we thought had quite a sad little enclosure for an animal that likes to run.   

Some were far away, but still totally awesome to look at.

Warthog piglets! Adorable!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the animals interact with their keepers.  They really seemed to be best friends in many cases.  The chimps were clearly communicating with their keepers, pointing at what looked like a picture menu to indicate what type of snack they would like to eat that day.  They even use facial expressions to communicate just like people!

We even got to touch some of the animals in the “barnyard” area.  The goats were so cute and loved to be brushed!  

Most of all, I loved hanging out with my favorite person in the whole wide world for an entire afternoon! (The boy, not the goat.)  Hmmm... what else can we pack into this last week of summer?  

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  1. The zoos are one of my favorite places to let go and have fun. I always seem to go when it's extra hot though, and the animals aren't nearly as fun as I'd like them to be. I have it on my list to go back this fall in cooler temps. Ours just opened a Grizzly Run area, and the bears are so inactive in the heat it's just boring.