I Belong Under Blankets. Permanently.

This basically describes my free time as of late.  Probably why I haven't posted many weekend updates this year, because I'm obsessed with my bed, and that is nothing exciting to write about.  Perhaps it is winter or the fact that the hubs and I just recently got a TV in our bedroom, but I suddenly feel zero need to get out of flannel pajamas and furry socks for any reason besides to make breakfast or run an occasional errand.  I'm hibernating.  Leave me alone.

I did manage to drag myself out of bed for a couple hours on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, however.  I spent Saturday afternoon at Orioles Fan Fest collecting autographs from various players and coaches.  No, they're not for me or anyone that I know.  They are prizes for my husband's baseball camp that he runs over the spring and summer and will surely make some little leaguer happy when he wins them.  

On Sunday we went over to a friend's house and lounged around eating football snacks during pre game.  

I made it through the first quarter before I decided I was tired and ready to go home.  To my bed.  Under my blankets.  So that's where I am right now.... :)  

Happy Groundhog's Day friends.

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  1. I feel ya, honey! I just love my bed and lounging in PJ's too but it's also nice to get dressed up and go out with friends too!

  2. I'm hibernating too - it's just so freezing everywhere other than bed! Sensible choice, I think...

  3. I understand these feelings.o) I would love to spend all day in bed with good book. It will be wonderful. But my kid has very different opinion on this topic.o)

  4. It is SO easy to just want to stay at home and snuggle under blankets, especially with how cold it is lately, so I totally am with you. Glad you made it out to be among the living, for a little bit, tho :)